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Experiences From The Humanitarian Sector

Our Guest Speaker Service brings a wealth of experience from the Humanitarian Sector. Giving insight to global cultures, exploring natural and man-made disasters, poverty and conflict, exploring the human emotions of those who suffer from the situations they find themselves in and the emotions of the humanitarian aid workers who strive to help alleviate suffering and at times save life.


We offer guest speakers who were there, who experienced these scenario’s first hand, explore the emotions, the elation of success and the despair of failure. Delight in the pictures and descriptions of countries and cultures from across the globe.

The greatest impact on learning has been those stories retold  by people sharing real experiences,  standing in front of students who can portray the emotion of a subject based on ‘Being There’.

Having the immediate ability to question and explore while measuring the emotional responses to a given scenario; it is priceless.

In the many subjects that either deal or cross paths with world events (CAS comes to mind) and require a detailed personal understanding of the subject matter, often need more than just a theoretical or distanced understanding, having a guest speaker who can deliver presentations / lectures which have the personal experience interwoven can be absolutely captivating and the lessons learnt usually stay with the audience for life.

Imagine listening intently to a merchant seaman recalling his life (or part of it) sailing around the world, describing in detail his experience, the sights, the smells the emotions of being at sea during storms, recalling the emotions, being scared, continuing to do his job when it would have been easier not to do so and the reasoning behind his decisions.
Recalling the detail of what it meant to be away from home, contrasting with his life of seeing new things learning new skills and having a wider and richer education than he could have ever achieved in his school days; It would make you feel as though you were there with him. Think of some of the stories you heard as a child that captivated you, it lasts for life.

Can technology, books or second / third hand learning still achieve this to the same degree?

Having a person in front of you allows questions to be asked in a more thought provoking way, to explore and experience the true emotions that are often skimmed over and gives immediate response.


There will never be a true substitute for this type of direct learning and the lessons learnt ( of which there are always many) will serve your students well in understanding decisions, consequence and the emotional impact on others and oneself...

How often do you invite speakers in to your school to boost a subject matter experience? Could you benefit from increasing this activity across your curriculum? Why not add this service to your School careers fair and briefings?



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Phil Jones in a session in Zimbabwe

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