The Humanitarian Journeyman

By Philip Jones



If you have ever donated money to International Charity or Aid organisations and wondered how that aid is delivered and who, on the ground, in conflict and disaster zones, is actually delivering it?


It is not often broadcast on the news media or elsewhere, that the aid workers often are at high risk of kidnap, torture and death, plus in cases like Ebola for instance they too are at risk at becoming infected.


Witness the emotions, the excitement and danger coupled with the hardship endured within high risk environments. Read about the determination to ensure that the aid is delivered to the right beneficiary groups, which can at times be fraught with danger.


This book gives an insight to the behind the scenes lives of those 'Field Workers', who are very often annonymous and in all cases are volunteers, giving their time to deliver aid to those most in need. 


Through one mans' 15 years of experience, it is hoped that the reader will understand more of what humanitarian workers sacrifice to help others. Sadly, some make the ultimate sacrifice while others can and do become traumatised by what they have to deal with on a daily basis.


It is hoped to shine a light on this community and give them some higher level of recognition and understanding.

The Humanitarian Journeyman

The book will be launched on February 12th 2021. It is available in paperback. Hardback versions are available upon request.


It is due to be released in ebook format by mid-March 2021. Links to retailers will be published here post launch. 


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Author: Philip (Phil) Jones
Word Count: 117851
Font: Calibri (Body) size 11
Chapters: 1 to 9 including  multi-photograph pages and a client testimonial page

Following a 22 year career in the British Army, the author followed a second career working within the humanitarian sector.
After a series of roles with several International Non-Governmental Organisations he was offered the position of Global Security Adviser to Save the Children UK, the first to undertake the role as a separate and dedicated appointment. He then went on to become and independent Safety and Security Consultant in Hostile Environments. This position required the author to travel widely to train, direct and at times directly manage the safety and security of field staff working in some of the most hostile environments in the world.


Coupled with conflict in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan Sudan incl’ Darfur, Libya and Syria, were the interventions to natural disasters such as the Asian tsunami, Kashmir earthquake and the devastating Cyclone in Myanmar (Burma) and epidemics such as Ebola in Sierra Leone, to name but a few.

Constructing emergency contingency plans for evacuation and training field staff on how to react if caught up in gun fire, explosions or how to survive kidnap.

The book is a selection of stories told across several locations. It is the journey of one man who shares his experiences and hardships navigating the explosive scenarios of Iraq, interwoven with the emotional difficulties of witnessing loss of life and the families and children who face a daily battle with hunger, poverty and many face the impacts of war and death too.

The story gives an account of life from the inside of the humanitarian world. A world often portrayed on TV showing healthcare workers and others in the process of caring for those in need; but what about the care-givers? What hardships do they encounter?
What are the risks they undertake? Since the events of 9/11 the world of the humanitarian worker has become more high risk. They are now, more than ever before, under direct attack by extremist groups such as ISIS and prior to them, groups like Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and Al Shabab. There are many more too, such as localised criminal gangs who kidnap aid workers and sell them on to the more radical groups. There exists a real danger and hardship that many a humanitarian worker undergoes voluntarily to help those in real need, wherever that may be in the world.


When you have been exposed to severe hardship and suffering, when you have been the witness to atrocities and have helped in some small way to pick up the pieces, it leaves a lasting memory, when you finally come home you know a piece of you is still left behind.

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